Princess Peaches N Pain

Elise "Peaches" Tschoepe

I went to one practice, March 2, 2010, I had never even been to an actual bout, but I was hooked. I signed my life over to Assassination City Roller Derby that night. I started as “fresh meat” the next night, and was lucky enough to join the Lone Star Assassins home team in June of 2010. I just finished my third season with the ladies in black, winning MVP during our Home Season Championship, and serving as co-captain for half the time I skated with them. In an effort to push myself, I actually just changed to another team in our league that has won one game in my three seasons in the league, I am excited for the challenge of working hard and training other skaters so that we kick some butt in 2013! I also am captain of our travel team, ACRD Conspiracy which plays other leagues throughout the nation, though primarily within a few states radius.

I work on our training committee, running practices for the league, I help schedule Interleague games and honestly am on a couple other committees because I like to stay incredibly busy. I have had a few injuries along the way, the typical derby knee, various sprains, what seems like millions of bruises, a couple of cracked ribs and one concussion later... I have never doubted that joining roller derby was the best decision I ever made.

Along the way I have read and researched wheels, plates, bearings, boots and every other possible piece of derby gear you can imagine. I also try to get my hands on every piece of new equipment and try it out so that when a skater calls the shop and asks, I can give them a for sure answer on what I think of it, what my experience was. I may not know the answer to every derby gear question, but I sure have learned a ton. *cough* 965 boot *cough* Probably my favorite part of working here, besides getting to outfit girls and guys with awesome gear, is working on the sponsorship packages, talking to new leagues right as they are getting started is really exciting!
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