Submit a Video Review!

Who knows derby skates and gear best?
We think it's you. The skater. has launched the Video Product Review series on YouTube to help all derby players to get quality advice and benefit from the expertise of experienced skaters.
Record a short video review of your favorite derby product! It can be anything, a wheel, boot, complete skate, plate, etc. Tell us what you love about it and exactly what makes it great for derby.

Explain the details of how you use it, on what floor type, etc.
Let us know if there are any downsides as well.

IF we choose to add your video to the website, we will reward you for sending in your review with a $10 RGS Gift Certificate for EACH review that you send in that is selected for posting!!

Be honest and try to keep it short and to the point. 1-3 minutes is a good length. You may submit multiple video reviews. Be sure start it off by saying "This is [YOUR DERBY NAME] from [YOUR LEAGUE] doing a review of the [PRODUCT NAME] for" and end it with "this is available now at" at the end!

Send your video (any format) via WeTransfer to the email

Note: All submissions become the property of RGS and we may decide to post any of them to the site in the future.
You will be given attribution if your video is posted.
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