Vanilla Boot Sizing


To get the right size the first time for your Vanilla boots, always measure your foot using the methods described on this page and find the proper size on the sizing chart. Do not assume that your size is the same as your regular street shoes. It may or may not be. Use the chart correctly and you will get the right size every time. Note that the Vanilla Derby boots (Brass Knuckle & Renegade) runs in ladies sizes and the rest are in mens sizes.
Vanilla boots come in full sizes only and are not able to be special made.
Vanilla Derby (Brass Knuckle & Renegade) Sizing
Vanilla Size Interior Length Riedell Equivalent
4 22.0cm 3
5 22.7cm 4
6 23.6cm 5
7 24.4cm 6
8 25.3cm 7
9 26.0cm 8
10 26.8cm 9
11 27.6cm 10
12 28.3cm 11
13 29.3cm 12
Vanilla Regular Sizing
Vanilla Size Interior Length Riedell Equivalent
4 22.7cm 4
5 23.6cm 5
6 24.4cm 6
7 25.3cm 7
8 26.0cm 8
9 26.8cm 9
10 27.6cm 10
11 28.3cm 11
12 29.3cm 12
13 30.0cm 13
  1. Measure your foot length by simply standing on top of a ruler or tape measure..
  2. Find the size on the sizing chart (Standard or Derby) to the left that corresponds to your size (see How to Measure box below).
All Vanilla boots come in a standard medium width. Special order widths are not available.
Printable Sizing Guide
This is valid for all standard Vanilla boots.
Subtract one size for Vanilla Derby boots.

Click below to print a .pdf (Adobe Reader req'd) of the Insole Sizing Guide for the Vanilla Last. Simply step on the chart to find the right size for you.
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