WreckLiz N Dangerous

Kellye "WreckLiz N Dangerous" Franklund

On August 11, 1892 a young woman named Lizzie, or Liz to her friends, was woken by the sound of policemen smashing down her door. She quickly found herself arrested and jailed, initially without knowing what crime she had been condemned for. Liz was stunned when the police described the crime to her: Six days before, on August 4, her parents Andrew and Abby had been found dead in the family home. To her horror, Liz found that she could not recall where she had been since she last saw her parents, alive and well, on August 3rd! Both victims had been killed by crushing blows to their skulls, from a hatchet. Liz's stepmother Abby had suffered 18 fierce blows, her father 11. Gruesomely, her father's left eyeball had been cleanly split in two. Even more bizarrely, both victims had also been poisoned with prussic acid (hydrogen cyanide) shortly before their untimely demise. The police were convinced of Lizzie's guilt, since she could not account for her whereabouts for six days. Police psychologists proposed that Lizzie had suffered a temporal lobe seizure on the morning of the 4th, which caused Liz to enter a fugue state and unknowingly commit the murders. The most fantastical and chilling aspect of this case? The next day, on August 12, police found an empty jail cell. Liz had disappeared into thin air, and was never seen or heard from again...

Legend claims that Lizzie's spirit lives on, finding new hosts through the generations. The spirits present day motives have been lost to the grinding wheels of time. Does Lizzie seek revenge or redemption, for her parents' murder? Lizzie has chosen her latest successor, to continue her rampage of violence. Can the devastating fury of the spirit be tamed and controlled to powerful effect? The fate of Assassination City Roller-Derby, and a tormented soul, may rest in the skates of this Lone Star Assassin, WreckLiz N Dangerous.


I started playing Roller Derby in December 2010. I got involved after seeing an Assassination city recruitment ad and called my older sister to see if she still played. Turns out she did and she had extra gear to throw my way until I could afford new stuff. Best thing that ever happened to me. I was a pack a day smoker for 7 years, after 6 months of playing Roller Derby I quit to become better.

Mainly I'm a Jammer for my home team Lone Star Assassins and also for the travel team Special Ops.

Within my league I'm involved with marketing and merh, also I'm the Jr. Derby Co-Chair for my league. I'm one of the main coaches for those lil'Demons, I mean bundles of joy. :)
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