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Which is better? High top or low top boots?
This is a matter of preference! Neither one is "better" than the other. High top boots generally offer more ankle support, so if you have weak ankles that may be right for you. Low top boots are more popular and allow you to move your ankle more freely, and it will also not be as hot on your foot. The low top boots are generally considered speed boots.

Leather Outside with Leather Lining
You get what you pay for people! Leather LASTS!! Top quality boot and has the maximum amount of durability and lasts longer than other boots. Once the leather breaks in and forms to your foot, this is the most comfortable type of boot. Example: Riedell 265.

Leather Outside with Cambrelle Lining
Very comfortable and absorbent liner! This style of boot wears well and the inside absorbs sweat better other types of material. Example: Riedell 395.

Vinyl Outside with Leather Lining
This boot has a soft inside against your foot, but the vinyl outside doesnt wear as well as leather boot. Example: Esprit.

Vinyl Outside with Unlined Inside
This type of skate has less ankle support than others and it a lower price economy boot for beginners. Example: Carrera.

Manmade Material Outside with Padded Inside
This is a very comfortable boot as well as a very durable and affordable boot. Example: Riedell R3

Vegan Boots:
The non-leather, manmade boots are going to be VEGAN! These are some of our best selling vegan skates are MOXI, RIEDELL R3, and BOXER!

Clarino Vegan Boots:
100% vegan Clarino ® material is a synthetic polyurethane coated micro-fiber that looks, feels and acts like leather. Far superior to the vinyl you'll find on our recreational and low end skates, Clarino was designed and developed for high end hockey boots, then tested in trials against the rigors of hockey. Clarino ® is the first synthetic material that that can stand up against leather in beauty, strength and durability. Any US-made Riedell skate boot can be special ordered in Clarino ® for the price of the skates plus a $60 custom charge. Clarino boots typically take about 4 weeks in production, though time varies according to demand (ie longer around Christmas). Boots that come stock with other leather components, like leather soles (not just the boot panels) can also be made 100% vegan for a $90 premium customization charge. Clarino ® comes in both black and white (but no other colors)
Over $100 - Typically Leather, but not always
Under $100 - Always a Vinyl or Synthetic
Boot Parts:
A roller skating boot consists of Outsoles, Midsoles, Insoles, Uppers (main boot body), boot linings, tongues, tongue linings, and padding. The main function of the boot is to provide support and comfort to the foot and to protect the foot.

Leather vs. Vinyl:
Boot are made of leather or vinyl (synthetic) materials. Leather is the best material for boots. Leather offers a durable and comfortable material that will stretch and form to the foot with use. The process of the leather softening and forming to the foot is called "breaking in." Vinyl or synthetic materials are soft to begin with, but will break down quickly with excessive use. Most vinyl boots are made for recreational skating, not competitive use. Vinyl is not as durable or comfortable as leather, but is less expensive. Are you interested in a custom Riedell boot??
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